A strong joint, but a no chance against civilization diseases: the elbow.

One is used to depend on the elbow. Therefore, it is not only metaphorically speaking that we extend it. Our ancestors have already done so. They however, knew no such sports as squash, tennis or golf, and also were not required to perform any heavy monotone manual work.

Nowadays, the elbow is part of the most common orthopedic problems. Most are caused by overloading, such as the well-known tennis elbow. Ligaments, tendons and cartilage become inflamed and wear exponentially, depending on the lenght of the strain. It is first treated with injections, physiotherapy and shock waves. Often, the consequences can only be resolved or mitigated with surgery. This too is nowadays possible arthroscopically.

Here you will find an overview of the most common diagnoses and operational solutions.

diagnostics & TREATMENT

Tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow

  • Tendinitis on bone approach, triggered by chronic strain.
  • Shock wave therapy often successful. In some cases open surgery and removal of the diseased tissue.


  • Dislocation of the elbow joint with ligaments overstretch or –tear. Characterized instability in one or two directions.
  • Replacing of the damaged ligaments through endogenous ligaments or tendons.

Loose bodies

  • Smallest bone or cartilage splinters, replaced by accidents or congestion, move freely in the joint. Biologically they are intact, so that they grow in their natural environment – sometimes up to pea size.
  • Arthroscopically. Crushing and extraction of loose bodies with special instruments.