One of the pillars of our body, but surprisingly sensitive: the ankle.

Genuine bone work must perform this miracle of anatomy: It is constantly subjected to the total body weight and often less mobile than people think. Despite the mobility in all directions, these are really just a hinge joints with a little more leeway.

Especially in sports with quick direction changes, such as football or skiing, the ankle is in constant danger – and above all the complex apparatus of ligaments and tendons.

I am happy to make my years of experience with Arthroscopy available to work on this compact joint. Especially with this technique we can eliminate chronic pain by removing growths on bones or ligaments.

diagnostics & Treatment


  • Chronic lateral ligament instability.
  • Arthroscopy and ligament reconstruction with autologous tendon from the lower leg.


  • Chronic pain after ankle distorsion.
  • Arthroscopy and removal of the damaged tissue capsule.